Andrew Colyer Onstage with Tom Foolry – Summer 1992

From 1990 to 1994, I worked as a D.J. for @completeweddingstl and played in two cover bands, “Dr. Drive” and “Tom Foolry”. Tom Foolry was the biggest band in southern Ontario (how I joined them is a story for another time). We wrote and recorded an original single that got airplay on FM radio, and the largest gig we played was in a hockey arena in Ridgetown Ontario, about halfway between Detroit and London, near Chatham-Kent. I had played in front of thousands of people before, in classical and church competition settings, but this was my first time on stage with a rock band in front of over 1,000 people. I can tell that this picture is from the 2nd Set, because we had ditched our jackets and jeans in favor of shorts and t-shirts. So much fun, and to this day I have to thank my old buddy Stephen W.J. Orr (lead vocals, rhythm guitar) for inviting me to join! Thank you so much also to the other band members Ian (bass), John (lead guitar), Dan (lead vocals, percussion), Michael (drums), and in particular Mark Lampman (the other keyboard player) for being so cool to allow me to join the band and share the duties with him. Mark was really great at synthesizer programming, and could get every sound “just like the record”, while I handled the tricky technical playing parts. It was ton of work, and a ton of fun! 😀
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Next Awaken Studio Album In Progress

In The Cave with Glenn DaGrossa, working on the next Awaken studio album! Glenn already has the album concept, artwork, and most of the Songwriting sketches done. Now comes the hard part of getting the band members together to craft and record our parts into a single cohesive sound, that everyone can be happy with. Then promoted and released via the record label, Pure Steel Records! Thank you for being here with us as part as part of this journey. 😀🎹🎶
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“3.2 featuring Robert Berry” ProgStock Product Nearing Completion

Performing with “3.2 featuring Robert Berry” at ProgStock 2019 – the live CD/DVD/Blu-ray is almost finished with mixing the audio and editing the video! Looking forward to performing live again next year, when the time is right. Looking forward to seeing YOU again in person at a live show! 😀🎼🎹
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Frank Wyatt (Happy the Man, Oblivion Sun) Working Again with Andrew Colyer

So lucky, excited, and grateful to be working with the great Frank Wyatt (Happy the Man, Oblivion Sun) on some new interesting music! This is a picture of Frank’s modular setup, that he’s using to create electronic “palettes” that we will be using to incorporate into new compositions! 😀🎹🎧
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Pandemic Haircut, Before and After!



It’s been three years since I went to a professional salon.  It’s time for a “Pandemic Haircut”!

Andrew Colyer on 2020 Holiday Charity Release

Thank you so much, Nick Katona and Melodic Revolution Records, for including me in this year’s Holiday Charity Release, Winter Songs 2020 !

We are thrilled to announce that Winter Songs 2020 is now available to stream at “There I Hope Records” a charity music label set up by Melodic Revolution Records.

This year’s album features music by Potter’s Daughter, Andrew Colyer, Harlequin Reborn, Robeone, Nelson Blanchard, and Andrew Roussak, among others.


This album was created to encourage the spirit of giving, no matter what one’s circumstances we can always help others by donating, food, blankets, clothing, blood, pet food, toiletries, or volunteering at your local church, a charity event, school or food bank. Sometimes, help is much closer to home a family member or neighbor who just needs a little moral support.

Winter Songs 2020 will be available to stream through January 31, 2021

How to receive a FREE copy?
As a reward to those that make an effort to bring the spirit of the season to their fellow human, we will reward you with a free download of Winter Songs 2020, all you have to do is email us a compelling story of what you have been doing this season to raise the spirits of others around you or a picture of you engaged safely in your favorite spirit of giving activity.

Send email to info@melodicrevolutionrecords.com
Subject: Good Deed/Winter Songs 2020

Listen, Love, Pay it forward, Share

Stream the new Holiday album Winter Songs 2020 or receive a FREE digital copy for performing a great deed!

Thank you and enjoy the music!

Melodic Revolution Records would like to extend a heartfelt thanks to everyone involved in loaning us these fabulous songs and helping bring this album to life. We cannot begin to thank you enough for the joy you bring to all.

Wishing you Seasons Greetings, Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa, or whatever else you all celebrate.

Winter Songs 2020 features 17 holiday-themed songs clocking in at 1 hour and 8 minutes, enjoy!

Receive A Free Copy Of Winter Songs 2020 For A Good Deed!


New Age Music Reviews – “Mists of Time”

Thank you so much, Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck and New Age Music Reviews for this oustanding review of Mists of Time!

“creating more keyboard magic…..creative and entertaining tracks…..always keeping you interested and focused in…..a tasteful classical foundation…..filled with beauty, mystery, and moving…..perfect with all the different moods and parts…..something we all desperately are in need of in 2020…..Andrew Colyer has released a jewel with Mists of Time…..easy to get caught up in the music on offer and time then becomes irrelevant…..just perfect.”


OVERCOMING – Andrew Colyer [Official Video] | Uplifting Positive Emotional Piano

If you like solo piano such as George Winston, Michelle McLaughlin, Jim Brickman, Tim Janis, or Paul Cardall, you’ll appreciate this piece from the album, “Mists of Time”, featuring twelve original pieces from award-winning composer and performer Andrew Colyer.

“This album was created during a very interesting time in my life, and in history. I hope you enjoy it! Inspired by Brian Eno and other artists, this is the best I could do at this time. Thank you for listening and supporting my Artistic endeavors.” – Andrew Colyer, New York

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