From 1990 to 1994, I worked as a D.J. for @completeweddingstl and played in two cover bands, “Dr. Drive” and “Tom Foolry”. Tom Foolry was the biggest band in southern Ontario (how I joined them is a story for another time). We wrote and recorded an original single that got airplay on FM radio, and the largest gig we played was in a hockey arena in Ridgetown Ontario, about halfway between Detroit and London, near Chatham-Kent. I had played in front of thousands of people before, in classical and church competition settings, but this was my first time on stage with a rock band in front of over 1,000 people. I can tell that this picture is from the 2nd Set, because we had ditched our jackets and jeans in favor of shorts and t-shirts. So much fun, and to this day I have to thank my old buddy Stephen W.J. Orr (lead vocals, rhythm guitar) for inviting me to join! Thank you so much also to the other band members Ian (bass), John (lead guitar), Dan (lead vocals, percussion), Michael (drums), and in particular Mark Lampman (the other keyboard player) for being so cool to allow me to join the band and share the duties with him. Mark was really great at synthesizer programming, and could get every sound “just like the record”, while I handled the tricky technical playing parts. It was ton of work, and a ton of fun! 😀
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