Sunday, October 13th – The Sellersville Theatre, opening for Brand X! We did a kickass 45-minute set, and the crowd loved it!  Before we took the stage, there was another AWESOME opening act – Andre Cholmondeley.  Andre performed a 20-minute set of improvised music, using analog synthesizers and guitar.  It was very cool!

Here’s what Paul Keller wrote when he posted this picture on Facebook: “Brand X soundchecking … if you’re in the area you have the opportunity to see two amazing drummers tonight … Jimmy Keegan and Kenny Grohowski … and I seriously mean amazing!”

When we first got to the venue, Paul Keller shot a video walking around the neighborhood: https://www.facebook.com/gazoscreek/videos/10220223722806959/

After the show, Paul Keller captured a video outside the Sellersville Theater:  https://www.facebook.com/gazoscreek/videos/10220226254230243/