U.K. are a British progressive rock supergroup that were active from 1977 until 1980. The band was composed of singer/bassist John Wetton (formerly of King Crimson, Roxy Music, Bryan Ferry’s band and Uriah Heep), keyboardist/electric violinist Eddie Jobson (formerly of Curved Air, Roxy Music and Frank Zappa’s band), guitarist Allan Holdsworth (formerly of Tempest, Soft Machine, The New Tony Williams Lifetime and Gong) and drummer Bill Bruford (formerly a full member of Yes and King Crimson, and also a tour drummer for Genesis), later replaced by drummer Terry Bozzio (formerly of Frank Zappa’s band).  UK recently reformed with John Wetton, Eddie Jobson, Alex Machacek, and Terry Bozzio for a world tour in 2012-2013.

Andrew Colyer was hanging out with U.K. last week in New York City!  Eddie Jobson gave a Music Masterclass before the concert, which Andrew recorded.  (Contact us if you would like a copy of the recording.)  Original member John Wetton was on hand, as well as guitarist Alex Machacek.  Drummer Virgil Donati replaced Terry Bozzio just before the performance, and it was the first time that he had even met John Wetton.  The concert was awesome.  Here are some photos:

Andrew Colyer with John Wetton (U.K., King Crimson, Asia)

Andrew Colyer with Eddie Jobson (U.K., Roxy Music, Curved Air)

Andrew Colyer with Alex Machacek (U.K., Terry Bozzio, Virgil Donati)